Friday, 13 May 2011

New digi..... Calvin & Neo

I've had a few requests for digi-stamps of different genres and most of them are fairly easily come by from established digi-artists, which doesn't mean I won't eventually make drawings of my own 'take' on subjects, but just now, I wanted to create images that are less readily catered for.

One suggestion was from a long-standing crafting pal of mine who finds it difficult to find images suitable for her own children, who are of mixed race but very definitely several generation western British, and not of American, African, Indian or any other culture.

I hadn't thought of this myself. The likes of Mo Manning does beautiful drawings of ethnic children in their sarees and rasta hats etc  but this friend wanted something slightly different so I came up with this one for a starter.

I had real difficulty finding inspirational images of young teens of any kind having fun, as opposed to drunk and throwing up or looking cool & moody!  Are our youth really this bad? Have to say - I'm not that naive but I was shocked.  So in the end I just used my imagination to create two young lads having a laugh.

I've used a fab sketch from There's Magic In the Air so I'll enter it into their challenge too!
I also, shock horror! - forsook my beloved Copics and used the new Marvy-le-Plume alcohol-based markers to colour this image and they're not bad. 
These were the TSV on QVC this week and as such, they were very reasonably priced at £22.23 including p&p for 20 pens.

If you're interested in my opinion of them, here it is!

1) they're nice and juicy, although, clearly, it's hard to tell how long they'll actually last.
2) they're thicker in the barrel than Copics and will not fit in the Copics boxes unless you use the lids and remove the 'grid' that keeps the Copics straight.
3) the brush point is very soft and nice to use for block colouring but a bit too thick for detail work - significantly thicker than the Copic. 
4) not as much pigment as Copics. I coloured a ribbon with a MLP and the equivalent colour Copic and the Copic won hands down on opacity.
5) nice-looking pens in comparison to the (to me) quite ugly ProMarkers.
6) although they are only coloured at the very tip, it's a nice finishing detail and would look good in a display stand

7) I'd like to know if Marvy are going to bring out the re-inkers for them as it would be a terrible waste to bin them when they're empty. I'll just use my Copics Various Inks in them if they don't.

If you like Calvin & Neo, I will be putting them on my Eiglassing digi-crafting blog when I get a minute but if you want them sooner than that, just e-mail me and I'll get them to you.



  1. I LOVE your coloring on this image!! Really artistically professional!! Great take on the sketch also, thanks for joining us at There's Magic in the Air.

  2. Lovely card, thanks playing along with PC this week

  3. Gorgeous creation Ei.

    Have to say I had a completely different view of the Marvy pens, I hated them!!! I don't have copics to compare them to but I do have promarkers and I found these very hit and miss, and when you added the blender pen, rather than it lightening the colour or in the case of mistakes, erasing them, it spread it out further with a dark inked line around the edges. But perhaps you didn't make any mistakes, lol...

    Lin xx

  4. awesome to hear what you had to say about the markers, thank you.
    awesome piece of art.


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