Monday, 16 May 2011

Another melting-pot brooch.....

I made this brooch with a specific demo in mind then changed my mind at the last minute so here it is anyway! LOL!

I made the pendant bit in my Melting-Pot (I'll be uploading a tutorial in the next few weeks) with a stamp from CaroLines DS31C262)   and then mounted it with an old dungaree clip from my button-box.
I coloured the clip with my Copics (...see, universally useful...!) and threaded a grosgrain ribbon through the clip-loop.
I then sewed in a brooch-pin at the back incorporating a beaded 'knot' I made with some carnival beads and a rondelle on silver wire.

It's been really hard to photograph. I've tried in natural light, electric light with and without flash but they all look exactly the same! I even tried enhancing it in Photoshop but that didn't change it either!

If I can get a better one I 'll upload it later.

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  1. OMG, this is just too goreous! Who would have thought an old dungaree clip could be made to look so lush.

    Lin xx


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