Monday, 23 May 2011

Crafty CardMakers - The Challenging Challenge!

What a bright idea Gill at Crafty CardMakers has come up with - challenge us to do something we're not good at! LOL!  Well, with me that could cover all sorts!

I have a real problem using peel-offs. I don't care for them in general (...for me...) and use them only in moderation, but I've got a shedload of them in my room!

So here I've used them but in a different way. I placed the peel-off on some gloss-coated card (Astrolux) and brayered over it with my Big 'n' Juicy pads.

In the first one, I left the peel-off on and in the second one I removed the peel-off of the large rose before brayering over with a darker ink then removing the butterfly &  the smaller rose.

 You can layer like that a few times (..make sure you take off some of the sticky first so the peel-off doesn't damage the card...) before removing the  last of the peel-offs to expose the original card colour. You can even use the same peel-off in 

another position if you're careful.

Hope to see all your inspired entries next week! LOL!


  1. You've done a great job with this Ei. I must admit I do quite like to use peel offs from time to time but Digi's have really overtaken any other medium for me now.

    Great to see you challenge yourself with something you're not keen on.

    Love Mandy xxx

  2. Great use of peel-offs - have to say Im not keen on them either but might challenge myself to find away to use them too!

  3. What a great alternative way to use peel offs! Like you, I've got loads, and don't often use them. Must try something like this - your results are gorgeous!

  4. Ohhhh those are pretty hunny xx

  5. love the colours on these Ei! x

  6. Peel-offs, WOW. I may even get mine out now. Fab cards. xx


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