Friday, 27 May 2011

I have finally been certified..........!, you naughty reader, not as insane, but as a Copics Designer!  
How cool is that!?

I have to tell you that as well as being instructive, Wendy Kadzidlo  of Stamps & Memories is such a lovely lady that she made the course very enjoyable too - I'd do one a week if money was no object! LOL!

The other ladies in the group were really lovely and we all got on so extremely well that I'm sure we shall keep in touch.

I spent a fortune on 'stuff', of course but I needed it all and what the heck - it's not every week and there are no pockets in shrouds!

So, if anyone is interested in learning about how to use or improve their Copics skills, I will be able to offer classes in Liverpool as soon as I work out some lesson plans.

Should you be interested, please e-mail me and I'll start a list of convenient dates.

Woohoo! I'm so pleased with myself - if I was a piece of chocolate, I'd eat meself! LOL!  



  1. WooHoo, I am so happy for you. I hope you do well with teaching your classes. Copics are fun. I am not certified, but I try to learn as much as I can from all the blog sites I read. Have a happy day!!! Congrats.

  2. I had to come and say congratulations when I saw this Ei as I know Wendy and her hubby rather well because my hubby's cousin Caroline does Copic demos for Wendy at some of the shows.
    Caroline lives 5 minutes from me and quite often gives me a lift to the shows she does with Wendy.
    Small world!
    Hope you're well and sorry it's been long time, no speak.
    Fliss x

  3. Blimey Mrs it did not take you long...........................

    I got stuck in traffic and arrived in the house totally shattered at 7.50pm grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lovely to see your cert on your blog, just got my hop bits sorted and coming to pay you a visit :)

    Kate xx

  4. congratulations, i haven't had time to even think since I got in, m56 and A55 chokka!!! And then 4 dogs wanting my attention. It was so nice to meet you all. Oops got my blog addy wrong too
    and well done again, love Chris xxx

  5. Than you so much Joan and Fliss - you're so kind!
    Kate and Chris - it was a pleasure meeting you too and thank you for dropping in on my blog - I've been over to yours and Julie's too!
    Didn't get the other lady's details though.
    Look forward to seeing you both again!

  6. must be something to do with blogger Ei, can't follow your blog at the mo. Mine seems the same, Chris xxx

  7. Way to go Ei - bet you had a great time and I am sure you will really enjoy running classes. Cheers Claire x

  8. Wooohoo well done you!!!! I love my Copics they're fantastic. Good luck with your classes when you get them organized ...wish I lived in
    xx Vee

  9. well done ei, well deserved,
    hugs mummy of two
    aka sandra xxx


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