Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Really REALLY busy...!

Just a line to apologize for no new posts and crafty stuff - I've been making like a Trojan but not had time to photograph - I will do so when I get time but all hands to the pumps making stock for the dog-show on Saturday at the mo!

I spent Friday afternoon setting up some of it on tables in my garden - just to check there would be enough room for display.  All was well and I'll tweak the actual presentation in the next day or two and add some more dog-cards.

Got lots of other stuff too - just have to work on the display - if it's windy like it was in my garden, I shall need glue-dots! 

All of this stuff was either made by me or renovated by me, so quite a lot of work involved.

I really hope we do well - I so want to make a donation to these two wonderful charities.

See you all again - hopefully in the normal way! - very soon! 
Hugs Ei x

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