Monday, 16 June 2014

Don't forget the dog show at Westhoughton on 28th June - a week next Saturday!

We are doing a stall with lots of goodies and we are also sponsoring the 'Best in Show' class, so if you can get there, please do and bring some cash with you as all my profits are going to the dogs ...quite literally! LOL! 

We have supported NWESSR (North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue) for many, many years, since they gave us our beautiful Merlin, in whose memory the cup is being presented in our class and also the Irish Animal Rescue AHAR

You might wonder why an Irish ( Animal Heaven Animal Rescue) rescue....well, if you could see the state of the animals in Ireland you would understand. Makes our state of affairs look meagre, I can tell you. Plus AHAR supply a LOT of rescue dogs to the UK, which is a GOOD thing because what they do have, in abundance, is non-bully type dogs.

Please don't get me wrong here - I'm all for our Bully boys and girls - I love all dogs including the amazing Staffies with their gorgeous smiles, but over here we have little else in our rescues and with the best will in the world, not everyone wants or is able to take a bully breed which may or may not (can't always tell) have had the 'wrong' type of owner.

That isn't for me to pontificate or speculate about in this particular post - so please don't discuss here - this is purely about a fun day out, at a charity dog show, organized by one very special, driven little girl called Scarlett who decided when she was very little that she was going to 'help the doggies' and she most certainly has done that!

She bakes her own special doggy treats and sells them and she goes out rattling her tin and persuading folk to part with their dosh 'for the doggies'!

If you would like to know more about our Scarlett,  please read all about her on here!

We attended the show at Frodsham last year and had a grand day! Plus our two scruffs won second place! 

Which is why we're running a stall this year!

We are going to be selling my handmade greetings cards, mostly featuring my own artwork - lots of doggies! - plus preloved and vintage jewellery and some brand new handmade jewellery, I will have some samples of my Pet Portraits for people to see along with the photos they came from and OH will have some of his plants for sale too - Black Russian tomatoes anyone...?

There will, if we have any room left in the car, have some books and bric-a-brac too.

So would LOVE to see yaz there!
 I REALLY want you to help me to help the poor abandoned and abused animals in these two wonderful rescues and, of course we, along with  all the other stalls will be contributing to the designated 'Bolton Destitute Animal Shelter' through our table-hire and class sponsorship.

Hugs Ei, Nic, Charlie & Lola xxxxx

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