Friday, 5 June 2009

My poor little Ada......

I just had a call from my daughter (well, about an hour ago actually...) to tell me my little Ada has just slipped and banged her head and what to do?

I advised her to take her to Alder Hey Children's Hospital A&E and I'm still waiting to hear what happened and how she is. Of course, I'm worried sick.....

My camera is now fixed. Some fumble-fingered person in my family had put their lumpy sausage finger on the WB shortcut button and turned all the colours. I rang the Olympus helpline and a very nice young chap helped me fix it, so I am happy again (..or would be if I knew about Ada...).

I do know how to adjust the WB but what I was doing wasn't fixing it. I needed to go further into the menu to do what the tech said.

My lack of a camera is the reason for no projects this week - I was having to photoshop all the pix and they still didn't look right.

I'm off to my Copics workshop tomorrow. It was supposed to be Sunday but they had some cancellations so asked me to join tomorrow's instead. I'll let you know how I fare!

I've some fab photos of Ada from this week - she has a new paddling pool and sandbox and it was a joy watching her little face as she played in them both. I would have loved to share them with you - they really are a gift - but due to the state of the world and some of the wicked peeps in it, I can't put them on as she's (obviously) wearing only her sunhat and factor 50. Shame. So I've added these of her in the conservatory, stalking the cat....!

Speak soon!


  1. hi babes let me know how ada is hun please poor little thing she looks so cute adorable take care hun love cheryl xxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Eileen
    Lovely to meet you today at Maddys. Hope your little Granddaughter is ok.
    Love the creations you shared with us all today.


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