Saturday, 13 June 2009

I got a speeding ticket......waaaah!

Last Saturday when I went on Maddy's Copics workshop, I thought I saw a flash when I was driving down a road near the address where the workshop was but as I was looking for a road name-sign (...ANY road-name sign...!) and I was moving at what I thought was under the speed-limit I didn't think much of it.
Got the NIP yesterday. I was doing 36mph but it was a 30 not a 40 road!
I really do think they should put signs up for 30 as well as all the others.
What's special about 30? 20 has signs, 40, 50 & 60 all have signs.
I think they leave 30 out so they can fill their coffers.
But I won't whinge, because I could have been 'clocked' many times over the years and didn't, so this is my penance! I'll do the speed-Awareness course if it's offered, because even though I don't drive like a maniac and have enough to say when others do, I clearly need a refresher.
My other less than wonderful hit in the pocket was the Copics I ordered from .
I didn't realise the Customs threshold for buying stuff from USA was so low! Only £18:00! I bought 14 pens and had to pay £14.00 customs charge!
Shan't be doing that again!
So last week-end cost me £74:00 on top of the cost of the workshop and the tank of petrol getting there and back.
It was still worth it!
I have some more projects to upload, but I have to wait until the recipients see them first!

This little card was made for cyber-pal Lalkygirl on Trimcraft for our Monthly Friendship Swap. I received a beautiful creation from her too and will upload that onto Trimmie later today.
Thanx for visiting!

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