Saturday, 18 April 2009

Oooooh! What a beautiful day! The sun's shining, the bees are buzzing and the birds are singing.........and the man at the back has chosen it to use a pneumatic drill! No accounting for folks, is there? Off to walk our son Rob's dog now. Simba is a big, daft, handsome blond Labrador, with a waggy tail and a licky tongue which he uses to great effect (...cue bruised thighs and very wet hands...)! Rob & his wife Dani, are down in London this week-end at a fashion show/exhibition, so we have the 'furkid' until Monday. Oh joy! Lots of dog-slobber and hairs! It's not like we're not used to dogs - we've always had a houseful - I'm not finicky - but I've never come across a canine so generous with his DNA as our 'Simple Simon' ( OH has dubbed the less than bright Simba...)!
Still, he's very affectionate; perhaps, in view of those blond hairs and saliva, one could say a little TOO affectionate!
Hey ho - have to go before the sun runs away! Speak later!


  1. Loving your new blog,

    Had to laugh at your baby Ada Caption.LOL!!


  2. Lovely blog Eiglas, well done. Very cute dog and your granddaughter is lovely as well. I have to agree with Tracy on the caption, brilliant. You will have to keep that and show it to her when she is old enough to see it for herself.




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