Friday, 17 April 2009

More Rubber...

...Stamps! Addicted? You bet! Before you could say 'Dawn Bibby', I was.
I bought my very first set from Dawn.
It was a set of several little stamps - I still have one - for about £13.00! Really expensive in retrospect. They weren't on polished maple or anything - just this plywood. Now I come to look, they were actually foam stamps stuck onto plywood! Told you - needles, haystacks...! LOL!

Rubber stamps seemed to be much dearer then (must be seven or eight years ago now...) - I know I paid about £10.00 for a Magenta stamp and my Hubby was close to calling for the men with the long-sleeved jacket...!

Well, I became frustrated with the available selection of rubber stamps as they were, then, very American and the slushy sweet sentiments just didn't sit well with the Scouse sense of the verbals! So I set out fo find out how to make my own!

I bought the equipment and started up my own little company - I'll leave you to hazard a guess at the name - and opened a cyber shop on e-bay (...I was all legal and above board and registered with the IR...!)

I just loved running that little business! I made so many friends with whom I still communicate to this day! I'd still be running it but - hey! - real life gets in the way, doesn't it?
In the end, my Hubby & family came first and I came away having never even gone in the red!

Regrets? Not a one!

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  1. The story is unfolding now.... its great to hear all about you and how it all started and even better that you are sharing this with everyone. good on you.. before long you could be making and selling those stamps again.... via your blog. keep hopping onto others and you'll soon get known....well to the one's you havent already had the pleasure :)
    have a wonderful weekend
    hugs rozzy xx


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