Thursday, 23 April 2009

Coming soon.....!

I haven't forgotten me blog! Honest!
I've been busy 'creating' but I can't post 'em yet because I want the recipients to have them first - only fair really!

My baby Ada is back with me after her Easter Hols with Mummy & Daddy,
hence it's midnight before I can get on here! LOL!
As I'm up at 6:00am, I won't be on long but I just thought I'd pop in and tell you a little story.

Our number two son, Michael, popped in yesterday after his cycle ride and was delighted that his little princess (Ada) was actually awake. So he had a happy hour or so playing with her until he decided to carry her about on his shoulders, to which Ada crowed with delight - until he tried to walk under the heavy brass light fitting! Ooops!

She wasn't really hurt, but the sharp underbelly of the offending article scraped across the top of her head and after a moment of shock, she burst into indignant tears and returned to my knee to be inspected.

Satisfied she was, apart from frightening her brain, largely unhurt I plonked a kiss onto her little head and recovering from the initial shock my little, just one year old, granddaughter let rip a tirade of abuse at her Uncle Mikey!

We may not have understood her words, but there was no mistaking her sentiments as she wagged her finger in his direction and gave him a very large piece of her mind! She didn't move from my knee, just gesticulated to her head and then at Mike with this tiny index finger, jabbering away!

She ranted for a good seven minutes and I don't think Uncle Mikey being in hysterics helped her tiny paddy! I just wish I'd have had my phone handy to record it.

It was very, very funny!


  1. I wish id been there to see it hun,bless her!your blog is fab and wil be back to check up on your hectic life 1
    love n hugs judex


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