Friday, 17 April 2009

Greetings Cards....oh yeah....!

I've handmade greetings cards for years, long before it became popular in recent years and before all these fancy products came out but was I thrilled when they did come out!

Wow! Marvy-le-plume pens! Sticky-dots! Vercacolour inkpads and rubber stamps.... Rubber stamps? What were they all about? All that came to my mind was the post office! Y'know, thump thunk!

Then a client, in conversation, mentioned she designed and sold these mysterious things. This was Caroline of CaroLines and her designs were lovely but I was still baffled.
Why? If you wanted a picture, couldn't you just draw it?

I confess to not being the sharpest needle in the haystack and it took me a little while and a new job where a different customer mentioned St. Dawn Bibby. I had never heard of her and my customer was not only gobsmacked she was scandalised! You consider yourself an artist yet you've never seen 'Our Dawn' in action? Dis- graceful!
So, of course, I had to do it, didn't I? I had to go and get cable and find QVC..... I tell you, if that customer had kept her gob shut, I'd be a wealthy woman now!


  1. welcome to blogland. I love the new blog but cant wait to see some of your fantastic creations and tutorials posted
    hugs rozzy xx

  2. Just love the comment about St Dawn Bibby, I have heard her called "Miss lick & stick!!!" LOL
    Ada is beautiful. I can see why you are so proud of her...a right little cutie.Keepup the good work girl, you are doing just fine!


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