Sunday, 14 April 2013

Pin the Chameleon on the Princess......!

My darling granddaughter, Ada had her fifth birthday party yesterday, although her actual birthday isn't until Tuesday and my gorgeous daughter asked me could I make a 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey' game for the little ones to play.  

The theme of the party was Princesses and Princes and as Ada's favourite Princess is Rapunzel, I decided to have that as the theme of the game instead of an old donkey!

(Disney's) Princess Rapunzel's best friend up in that tower is a chameleon, who is in a lot of the pics with her, so I thought he could be 'pinned' on the princess.

It would have been a lot less traumatic and finished off a lot better if I hadn't completely forgotten about my promise to make this until the night before the party...!  A bit of a rush, you could say....   LOL!

It's a BIG piece of illustration board (probably 3ft x 2 ft) and the surface just soaked up my ink so, as I didn't want to waste my Copics, I resorted to copier inks and paintbrushes.  A bit rough but I quite like that about it!

Anyway, Ada loved it and that's all that matters to me...!


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