Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Multi-Media Canvas

Been after doing one for a while, so I got rid of the OH and the dogs for the day and did it!

Made the 'canvas' out of the back-board of a K&Co Scrap-pad to Go. Just scored about 3cms in and bent it all round, cutting out a small square form each corner, then pasted it with cheap craft glue and stuck a piece of bookbinder's gauze over to keep the shape and a couple of staples to secure on the back side. 

Made my own Gesso with white craft glue, white acrylic paint and half a box of talc. This made loads so I did a couple of other projects at the same time.

Painted over the gauze with the Gesso, sticking on spurious textured 'oddments' of braid and lace as I went. Didn't really have a plan - just made it up as I went! LOL! 

Allowed to dry.

Gessoed all over again and dried. Painted with whatever took my fancy at the time, then stuck on the watch & clock bits.

Last to go on were the photos of my father and his siblings (copies, of course!) and then laquered.  Et voila!

Got at least two more generations to do yet......! LOL!

Hugs Ei x

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