Friday, 1 March 2013

Steampunk Junkies! -Challenge 1 - Flight

Well, it's here! My first duty on Steampunk Junkies' Design Team!

They're an amazing bunch of ladies - really fun and laid back but with lots of good energy too. Do pop over and check out all their blogs because we are all so very different in our styles!

This is going to be somewhat of a challenge to me...! I love Steampunk but find it hard to make original ideas in keeping with the true nature of Steampunk. It's more than just buying some paper the manufacturer TELLS you is Steampunk - it has to feel right too and that's where I'm a little afraid of coming unstuck!

I've made a few 'Steampunk' esque projects and each has been harder to me than your normal flouncy flowery card with a coloured image on it - I can knock those out by the dozen and will usually make a decent fist of it. Not so the 'Steampunk' style - it's so easy to get wrong...!

Anyway, here's my first contribution to the new and improved Steampunk 
Junkies blog!

Steampunk Copper-Covered Phone Case                    

It was quite hard to photograph because of the reflection on the copper cover.

I cut out a piece of thin copper metal to fit the phone case and passed it through my BigShot in a Sizzix embossing folder.

The metal was then trimmed and bent round the case and an aperture cut for the camera lens and I used a ribbon-punch to cut out two 'vents' for the microphone. 

That done, I then glued it to the case with E600 clear glue and clamped it with elastic bands in a Spanish Windlass style. I also employed a couple of clothes pegs!

Once that was relatively secure, I adhered a metal-look trim around the outside edge to preclude any sharp edges or corners.

The next step was to adhere embellishments such as the birds and a butterfly (as these are beings of flight) a few feathers and time-piece cogs (well, time flies, doesn't it...? LOL!) and finished off with a cheeky witch on a broomstick.  All adhered with E600. I then used Pinflair glue-gel to adhere the copper beads as it needed a fine nozzle.

To complete, I used some bronze and black metal-wax into the recesses and polished off the contours.

My husband has already told me he won't be using this particular 'skin'....  I wonder why not...?

Pop over to the blog and join in the challenge!

Hugs Ei x


  1. Good luck with the new challenge, I don't get SteamPunk really so will watch you creations with interest :)

  2. Thank you so much Scrapcat! I love the Steampunk style but I too find it hard to re-formulate. That's why I wanted to be on this DT, so I can practice and improve.
    Hugs Ei x


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