Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy Birthday my Rob...

Thirty two years ago today I was in Oxford St Maternity Hospital (where John Lennon was also born, interestingly!) awaiting the arrival of my number three (numerically speaking!) son, Robert Brian and had just had a shower and was nice and comfy in my bed awaiting the 'serious' business of childbirth.

Apart from the awful chest infection I had (kindly provided by an infected and coughing  'friend' who came to visit a couple of days before, knowing I was due to give birth (what is wrong with these people?) this birth was a doddle.

My two previous babbies had been 6lb-odd tiddlers. The births hadn't been bad at all, but long.  This lickle Rabbit turned out to be a just on 9lb 'cube' (only 17" long next to his brothers' 21") and popped out like a lickle ping-pong ball!  

Anyway, enough gory details! LOL! I can't upload a pic of the card I've made for my gorgeous Rob as my PC is still fannying about and won't speak to any imaging devices.  I guess I could try to scan it but that's really not a good way of imaging creative works....I'll have a go and see how it looks but I guess for the minute I'm just saying Happy Birthday to my Rob!


Okay, so I did a scan......Rob's an ecologist, hence the badgers!

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