Friday, 15 March 2013

Busy, busy month...! LOL!

Well, Bill & Margie and then Mother's day, now it's my brother Alan's Birthday today and I've made him this card....

I'd been chatting on Skype with a crafty chum and she wanted to know how to use her Distress inks so, I gave her a few ideas including making your own backing papers.  

I also demonstrated it whilst she watched to show just how easy it is and when I'd finished, decided I liked the demo-ed papers enough to use them on my brother Alan's card. 

I also used a sketch by a friend of mine JanJanetta from Trimcraft home forum - we co-host the monthly Sketch challenge on our forum, taking turns of piece setting the sketch.

Teflon workmat (Poundshop oven sheet is fine)
Distress inks
Water spray
Glue or gum
Embossing powder or mica
Drinking straw (optional)

The method is almost too easy to describe!

1) Have your Teflon mat open on your worktop.
2) Drop a few drops of Distress inks (your own choice of colours) Randomly over the mat.
3) Spritz with your water spray
4) Plop your paper face down on the mat and 'zhuzh' around the mat, soaking up the colour.
5) Clean your mat (or if you're posh, have a second one ready!) and place your wet paper face up on it.
6) Alter as pleases you. More ink if required or spread some gum randomly over it, sprinkle with embossing powders/mica and heat with heat gun. Be prepared for steam and bubbles! As the water vaporizes, and the glue bubbles in the heat, it creates interesting textures.

And that's it! Your paper is made. Do what thou wilt with it!  Mad as it might look, don't bin it - you'd be surprised how well it looks once mounted on your card!

The black 'ribbon' on the card isn't ribbon at all - it's rubber from a strip that fell off the back of one of Nic's belts!  Much more macho than ribbon.....!

Alan liked it anyway......


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