Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Not been on for a couple of weeks.......

...because I've been really busy!
Apart from losing the best part of a week to tonsillitis, I've been making stuff for my craft fayre and we've been messed about something rotten by the builders - he didn't come back to finish the job off and so we've had to swap over to decorating the front room instead.

My Michael has been a marvel, hanging the beautiful wallpaper Beverley bought for us.  You'd never believe he's only ever hung paper on one bedroom wall before - he's done a most marvellous job!

We did run a bit short of paper though and not wanting to pay £55.00 for half a drop, I got busy with the decoupaging scissors on the off-cuts! LOL! See, it comes in handy being crafty! You can't tell unless you're looking for it and the curtains will cover most of it anyway.

Once I clear the debris away in my craft-room, I'll try to photograph what I've made and put some of it on here. I've no doubt most of it will remain after the craft fayre! LOL! 

My nephew Richard and his wife had their second son this week too - no name yet - a brother for Benjamin.

I also had a lovely day yesterday. My friend from Oz, Jenny, came home for a visit and I was able to connect with her for Sunday lunch at the local pub.  It was great fun - she hasn't altered a bit in about twenty two years! Just as mad..... LOL! I'll upload a couple of pix when my other mate sends them to me.

That's all for now - I'll be back on later with some projects - I hope!

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