Sunday, 28 August 2011

After the event.......

....and I'm totally out of pocket but enjoyed the day very much anyway!

The venue is a lovely old ex-police-station and we were in two medium-sized rooms on the ground floor.  The table was a bit wobbly but once everything was out on it, it became a bit more stable!

I managed to park nearly outside the venue just whilst I unloaded (four trips) but then had to park up  a short walk away as I was on yellow lines.

All would have been well ( and mostly was..) if the heavens hadn't opened and a biblical-scale deluge of rain hadn't come bucketing down, soaking me to the skin !
Thank goodness I managed to get my stock inside before the worst of it hit! Cards and rain are not a good mix!

Unfortunately, this mini-monsoon lasted most of the day and kept footfall to a minimum. I don't think we had over thirty peeps in all day.

On th bright side, I had 'won' one of the demonstration tables and so was able to spend my day making up more jewellery.....not that I got much made as I'd just got two new toys in the morning post - a 'Thing-a-Ma-Jig' and wire-twisting Gizmo. 

The latter is especially welcome as it saves my fingers a lot of grief from the wire-work!   I actually spent twice as much on these pieces of vital equipment, than I took, and they weren't at all expensive! 

 I only sold two items - a £2.50 Gift-card/money gift wallet and a small £10.00 charm bracelet!  That won't keep the wolf from the door and may, indeed, cause the taxman to die laughing!! LOL!

I have to say though, that I thoroughly enjoyed myself anyway and would like to thank my lovely daughter-in-law Dani for coming with me to 'help'! (hehehehe..!)
She was charming company and her artistic eye was imperative to the success of the mission ( will follow shortly...!)

The other table-holders were lovely - very welcoming and helpful.  I look forward to doing it again and next time should be easier as everything is set up now. My stock is all labelled and on a spread-sheet, my cards and jewellery all bagged up and priced.

I suspect though, despite my enjoyment, I will not be the next Alan Sugar anytime soon.......!


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