Monday, 25 April 2011

CCM Spot 44 - Bottlecaps (plastic or metal)

Our lovely teammate Paula has come up with this interesting theme for us this week on Crafty CardMakers Spotlight!

I wasn't sure about this when I first saw it suggested but after mulling it over for a few weeks, I came up with this lovely ( ...I think anyway...!) locket!

I used the metal top from a Prima Blooms bottle! 
I've used most of the blooms from the bottle and deposited the remainder in with the rest of my flowers, the bottle is now housing a collection of emery/diamond/ acrylic nailboards I use in my crafting, tucked into my new carousel!

Metal screw-cap from soft-drink bottle or similar.
Vintage photo to fit ( I used a pic of my Aunt Jinnie who practically brought me up and was born in 1907!)
Glossy Accents or similar
Any  embellishments you like - I've used a pair of metal earrings with a pierced Celtic Knot pattern and a disc pendant from an old necklace.
Circle of make-up sponge/packing foam if required.

1) First give everything a good clean - it will annoy you when things won't stick!
2) Then make a hole in the side of the bottle-cap - your bale will need somewhere to pop out of! (I used my Crop-o-Dile for this.
3)Pop the bale of whatever you're using for the top of your locket through the hole you made.
4)Cut your photo to the correct size - (I inked up the bottle cap rim and 'stamped' the photo. Then I cut it just inside the line.)
5) Cut your make-up sponge ( if you're using it) the same size and pop the sponge into the cap followed by the photo.
6) I then cut out a slim circle of card to 'frame' the photo. Pop this into the cap and arrange it to fit.
7) At this point, if you want to add any inclusions, this is the time to do it!
8) Fill the remainder of the cap with Glossy Accents or similar and leave to dry off.
9) When it's all dry, stick your embellishments (I used my Celtic Earrings) to the back of whatever you've used for the locket cover and also to the back of the bottle-cap. That's why earrings are a good thing to use - there are two that match!

This is pretty much it, but if you want to continue to add lickle bits as please you then go for it!

Do pop over to Crafty CardMakers and have a look at the team's efforts - they're super!

Look forward to seeing what you come up with!


  1. Ei, Your cleverness and skill leave me in awe. Is there no end to your talents! This is brilliant.Love, Mayxx

  2. soooooper idea and wonderfully made it's brill love it
    gill x

  3. This is gorgeous! I'm in awe of all the ways I've seen of using bottle tops!

  4. WOW thats stunning - thanks for taking the time to join in with my first challenge on CCM spotlight x

  5. OMG this is just gorgeous! And to think it's made from old bits and pieces! Just fabulous. xx

  6. You would never guess what humble beginnings your gorgeous locket had...fabulous project Ei! Cheers Claire x

  7. Ei, this is absolutely stunning! Love that it started out as odds and sods and ended up as this gorgeous locket! Clever You.

    Just wanted to say my Sister loved the card I made for her using your fabulous drawing and apparently the bride adored the card too and was thrilled to get something unique amongst all the other cards.

    Lin xx


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