Saturday, 12 March 2011

I'm really excited......! Would YOU be...?

....this is my latest Eiglas Papercrafting Kit (available on my 'Eiglassing' site).

'Okay,'  you say, 'what's so exciting about that? You're always making these.'

'Ahh but, ahh but.....' says I 'they've never been in a paper pad before, have 

And they haven't! So that's why I'm excited - they work even  blown up to 12 x 12!

I make all of my images from scratch or from a photograph or image that I myself have created. They are not derivative of any other artist, except in the normal 'loose' way of osmosis and nothing under the sky being new and I'm very proud of that.

So, that's it!

There are fifteen sheets of good quality medium/heavyweight paper (180gsm - equivalent of really famous pads in my possession) in one of each of the designs on the front page here.

What I would appreciate it very very much (as this is a first for me) if my wonderful followers would leave a comment as to what they think of a) the designs and b) a price in the region of £15.00 per pad of 15 sheets.

Now, I never ask for something for nothing so, as a reward for helping me, the comment I find most helpful will receive either a selection of sheets from the pad (UK only) or a selection of digital files from the collection (the rest of the world).
Please state if you're a Cardmaker or a Scrapper or if you are a Multi-tasker!

  This offer is open for one week and so closes Friday 18th March at midnight.
Thank you!


Another of my new kits is Eiglas Delft, one of the designs is shown here at a low resolution to inconvenience the theives. I say 'inconvenience' as there is always a dishonest smart-ass who can figure a way to get around anything an honest person can do to to protect their property.
I will say that the next time I find a purloined copy of any of my images I will name and shame the culprit !

Delft is so named as some of the sheets remind me of ceramic tiles, such as this one. Available too on 'Eiglassing' but only in digi at present.  
Please feel free to pop over to my store and browse. Costs nothing!

Hope you like these! There are a few more over at the store but only in digi for the present.  I have a bit of market research going on over at Trimcraft just now, to ascertain which of my copllections would be best to convert to paper.

Take care and speak soon!


  1. Really lovely designs Eiglas, must admit I think £15might be a bit steep for 15 sheets. Best of luck. Hugs Anesha

  2. Gorgeous colours and designs Ei, tend to agree with Anesha, a wee bit pricey at a £1 a sheet, but they are stunning. Are they embossed or glittered, cause that would make a difference to the price.
    Suzi x

  3. The designs are gorgeous, but I do agree that the price may be abit to high...even embossed or glittered I think you would struggle at that price.xx

  4. Really lovely papers Ei! If you are having them professionaly printed they may work out a better price 8 x 8 which suits cardmakers and scrapbookers and fits more into a standard print run. Personally price wise I never pay more than 80p for a double sided 12 x 12 unless its a keeper or a background for a framed picture. Paper for my cardmaking has to be more economical. Scrapbookers may pay more..... Cheers Claire x

  5. Thank you ladies...keep 'em coming!
    Yes they are professionally printed and bound and if I was to order a bigger run they'd be cheaper but it's catch 22 - I can't order more until I can be sure they'll sell and peeps won't buy them if they're too dear!

    I've already been asked for three of the pages to be made into canvases for wall art at 8X8 oddly enough! Perhaps that's an idea then.

    I can't do double-sided at that price. Unfortunately for me, the pads you buy in the shops (K&Co etc) are Litho-printed, which is cheaper to print and better quality but the set up costs are huge as they have to make plates for each design.
    Mine are digitally printed, which is dearer per print but no set-up charges.
    So you see my dilemma!

  6. Your papers are stunning Ei and yes i do agree that maybe a £1 per sheet is a tad too high. But i do understand your dilemma. So what if you do them as digi's for now and then think about doing 8x8 with 2 sheets per design as pads at a later date? I would love to have the Roseheart designs and i personally would prefer them as digi's. I have had samples of your papers and thought they were stunning and the quality when i printed them was brilliant. Sonia

  7. Oops sorry Ei you are offereing your papers as digi's! Soniax


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