Friday, 8 January 2010

...Yayy....I'm On The Mend!

At last, after twenty-nine days, this dreadful, horrible, tenacious bug seems to be on its way out!
The night before last I managed my first night in my bed since Christmas Eve and yesterday I felt well enough to actually go to the shops, which is just as well as my cupboard was in a similar shape to Mrs. Hubbard's! I even managed to attend my induction at the gym for my 'Lifestyles' prescription, which I have been waiting for since September. I really didn't want to have to wait another four and a half months! I am so chuffed, you can't imagine!

I've had baby Ada for the first time since Christmas today too and, bless the little angel, she was not a scrap of trouble, but then she never is. She is a tonic in herself, but I couldn't take a chance of infecting her.

All is not quite rosy though as I've had a bit of trouble with other aspects of my health as well, but I'm trying to sort those too.

Hope this is the way up!



  1. So pleased to read this Ei - you must feel a huge sense of relief to be feeling alot better....may the big heeling continue! x

  2. Oh you poor soul souds that you were bad sending hugs now for a speedy recovery and back to full health

    liz xx

  3. Pleased to hear you're feeling better, hope the improvements will continue and you're soon back to your normal self.

    Love and hugs,


  4. woo hoo so glad your on the mend ei,hope your back to your old self soon,
    take care in this awful weather
    tracey x x


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