Monday, 4 January 2010

Alternative Eiblog - Eidle Tales

Thank you for all your best wishes - it's so kind of you.
I still feel grotty and like a limp chip but I can't just do nothing where there was so much craft so I'm going to try to run an alternative blog called 'Eidle Tales' whereupon I will test the true measure of your 'blog buddy-ship' and expose you to my scribblings, if you are at all willing!
No hard feelings at all if you don't fancy it!

My short Stories & odes can be used and abused in any way you like - most of them have been written a long time ago, so are well copyrighted - as long as 'Eidle Tales' gets a small credit.
I'll be only too chuffed if you like them enough to want to use them!

Many of the verses are very suitable for cards and the like.
There will be some bereavement poetry too so be warned if you're a bit sensitive - I still cry when I re-read some of them.

Not sure what form this will all take other than I'll lash one on at least weekly - perhaps more depending on how the scribbling goes - and might even start a weekly serial if I can figure how to link it all together on the blog (still learning the tags thing...!LOL!).

I've never knowingly plagiarized anyone else's stuff (...although a couple of mine were nicked by a well-known magazine which is why I gave up sending them in - I'd rather give them away than have them stolen....) but we all take in by osmosis the creations of others and regurgitate pieces of them from time to time - there's very little that's 'original' any more.

(This is my fourth attempt at posting this on 'Eiglas' and it's crashed each time - hope this one sticks or I'm giving up!)

Thank you for listening so patiently and I hope you get something from my scribblings, even if it's only a case of superiority complex.......


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  1. Good luck with Eidle Tales ! I will definately take a look !
    Kate x


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