Tuesday, 17 November 2009

C.R.A.F.T. DT 26 - Insprational Photo

For this week's C.R.A.F.T 26 challenge it's an inspirational picture of a Georgian Pillar-box in the snow by Liverpool University, that my husband took about two years ago.
I wanted the photo because the pillar-box is in Abercromby Square where my great great grandparents lived in the early 1800's.
It was an extremely swish area in those days and residents each owned a key to the gated garden in the middle of the square.
I found it really interesting and not a little weird that these great-great- grandparents lived in such a magnificent building - the whole thing, not a flat -
and must have used this little pillar-box regularly!
(I was going to upload a photo of the house but my external hard-drive has just fallen over!)

For the card

I used a lovely pearlescent deep red card for the base but being thrifty, I gutted it!
I then used a printed & embossed cardstock in blues and whites with snowflakes on, scalloped the edges and with my Martha Stewart snowflake border punch, made a white border which I attached to the printed mat with sticky-dots.
This was then adhered to the red 'frame'.

Another white border came out of my 'bit-box' and was married to a red organza ribbon and topped with a red velvet ribbon, the whole being adhered to the completed double mat which was adhered in turn onto a plain white scored & folded 21cm square cardstock.

My image was next.
The photo my husband had taken, was opened up in my Paint-Shop Pro graphics program and 'fannied about with' (...techie term...LOL!) until I got the effect I liked.

I then printed this off in duplicate, coloured them both with my Copics and decoupaged the pillar-box, shaping it by folding slightly on the lines of the hexagon. I stuck it on with silicon glue to keep the deep shape (though you can't see it well in the photo)

I then used Liquid Applique in white to make the snow and glitter to create the frost on top and snowflakes falling.
When I punched my border, it had created little star-like confetti, so I stuck a couple of those in the sky and topped them with little white gems.
Lastly, I drew a little robin and decoupaged that too.

I then mounted the picture onto red glitter paper, stuck it onto the card and finished of with three big snowflakes and a selection of frosty branches!
Hope you like it!

Thank you so much for looking and for leaving the lovely comms you do!
They're all appreciated and I do try to get back to each of you personally .....eventually!


  1. Wonderful card, such lovely textures. Great photo. Anesha

  2. It is really beautiful, creative, and clever.

    I've left you a little something on my blog. hugs to you, eileen

  3. Afternoon Ei. What a stunner this one is. I love the snowflake punch and your letterbox is gorgeous. That's a great story behind it.
    Really appreciate you e-mails, you're a star to do that, I only just have time to blog hop!!


  4. Love your card, hope you soon get your computer sorted.




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