Thursday, 7 May 2009

Gonna be busy next week.....!

Number 2 son, Mikey, found some 'bubbles' yesterday and entertained Ada for best part of an hour with them!

I may not be on much next week as my Ada is staying with me all week - nights too! I'm not quite sure if this is 'Ahhh!'or Aaaargh!' yet.....could be either as she is nursing a stinker of a cold and it should be in full spate by then - lovely!

I haven't had much time this week, either, as Hubby's been on holiday (...I think you all know what that means - don't they get under your feet?....) but I do propose another project very soon.

Off to do Nic's tea now, then I have to make him a birthday card for tomorrow!

Take care and speak soon!

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  1. Isnt he a cutie !!........just browsing tonight,lovely blog,thankyou so much for my award ! its lovely to know people actually look


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