Saturday, 17 September 2016

More recent Pet Portraits and paintings...

Up in the loft, I found this little sketch I did of my brother Brian when I was about 15 from an old baby pic of his! :D

And then I did get around to trying to paint.  A friend saw a watercolour of mine and challenged me to paint it in oils. I didn't do the same one but I did this instead! My first oil painting!  I tried 40 odd years ago and didn't get on with the medium but seem to have got the hang of it more now.

 Alaskan Mountain Scene (sold)

....and never a one to waste paint - there was paint left on the pallette so this one appeared!

Fijord  (sold)

This is the one that started it all.
My son asked me to paint our beautiful Liverpool Waterfront for him but he wanted me to leave out the modern buildings.
This I did and painted it in acrylics on canvas - app 36 x 18 inches.

Liverpool Waterfront#1 (gifted)

Liverpool Waterfront #2 (sold)

My neighbour saw Michael's Waterfront painting and asked for one for their son for a 'threshold' birthday. I had TWO WEEKS notice... :O ! 
But I did manage  it with this one.
Watercolours on Bockingford board.
They loved it - said it was exactly what they wanted.
The bug bit.
This next one came hard on the heels of #2!

Liverpool Waterfront#3
Acrylics on canvas

My friend Steve Leonard, takes the most wonderful photos of our Liverpool waterfront and has given me permission to use them as inspiration.  I don't copy them but I do use them as a photo reference for position of buildings etc but I usually use my own colours.

Liverpool Waterfront #4 one such painting.  Acrylic on canvas,  I used one of
 Steve's pics for inspiration but changed the colours to a sky I saw on my way home from work one night. It looked positively bruised and the colours reflected on the river wonderfully!

Liverpool Waterfront #5 (sold)
.....was inspired by someone who asked me for a 'Liverpool Sunset'.
I had to decline and say 'no, I'm sorry I can't do that. I can, however do you a Liverpool sunrise...! '  because the sun doesn't set over Liverpool, it sets over the Wirral! lol!

This is acrylics on Bockingford board.

I love my city, Liverpool, so one or two LiverBirds are de-rigeur! :)
I drew this one in pen on Ryman's card. 

LiverBird #1 
(original sold but Limited Edition Prints available)

LiverBird #2 (prints available)
I drew and painted this from a photo I took of the Liver Birds on our Liver Buildings.  Acrylics on canvas again. I have kept the original for myself!

I was dabbling with my graphic tablet and did a version in digital ink too!
LiverBird #2 (digi version) 
Prints available

We went on holiday to the Isle of Man in 2014 and I found plenty of inspiration there for paintings and drawings.

Sunset over Peel Castle (sold)

Scotland is another firm favourite of mine.  I hope to paint more Scottish scenes very soon - such a beautiful country.
I used watercolours on watercolour paper for these but, sadly, the scanner has leached a lot of the colour from them

Loch Ord

Loch Tummel (Queen's View)

As well as splashing paint and pencil around, I rescue ex-battery hens!
So, of course, I have to draw them, don't I? ;)

Feathered Family 
(original and prints available)

A stylized version in coloured pencil on Artists' Board.

Chicken Family Love
(original and prints available)

Copics on Ryman's card

(prints available)
Watercolour on watercolour card

Rooster Cockburn
(prints available)
Watercolour on watercolour card

Cocky Lochie
(prints available)
Watercolour on watercolour paper

Just because I keep hens, doesn't mean I don't like foxes - I do!

 Vixen & Cub
(prints available)
is made in coloured pencil on artist's paper (can't remember which one).
I have the original myself but Limited Edition Prints  are available)

Perhaps not quite a Pet Portrait but this is my very first Coloured Pencil attempt.
I always thought I was no good with pencils until my son bought me a set of Polychromos. What a revelation! All that time and I thought it was me. It wasn't.  They and Prismacolour pencils are now my mainstay!

(prints available)

Prismas and Polys on goodness-knows what paper - I was only messing with them! lol!
I have a HUGE copy of this in a lovely plain black frame available if anyone would like it - I am keeping the original.

(Polys & Prismas on tinted paper)


Stan the Man
(Polys and Prismas on Artist's Paper)
This cheeky boy is one of my favourites but sadly, the scanner has done it's leaching job again.

Scamp & Scout
(two more Jack Russells!)
Poly's and Prismas on Artist's paper.

And I don't just do dogs - meet Pixie!

(Polys and Prismas on Artist's Paper)

And there can be no show without Draca, my alter ego ;)
Original sold but Limited Edition Prints available.

As I come across more, I'll upload them. Always got more ideas in my head!

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