Thursday, 24 March 2016

New Start In Art

Been so busy with family and work the last few months, not had much time to craft but what I have found is my interest turning back to my Art roots.

I've always loved to paint and draw but never had much confidence in it but my recent forays into oil painting has re-kindled my interest in trying to make art I'm more confident with.

I live in a city, so not much landscaping to paint you would think but to be honest, that's not strictly true.

Liverpool might be a city but she is an interesting and very beautiful one and I've taken to painting the waterfront since my son Michael asked me to paint it for his own home.

This was the first ever waterfront painting I did and it took me a couple of weeks as I was restricted to the conservatory where it can be extremes of heat and cold and light and dark.

I didn't really do much more in the way of painting for a while but was challenged by a friend to try oil-painting.

Now, I've not used oils for over 45 years - I didn't make  good job of them - or so I thought - so in the box they remained.

Those same oils came back out the box for an airing! lol! 45 years old!

I was quite chuffed with this for a first attempt, especially with elderly oils!

I had paint left on my pallette I didn't want to waste so I also popped this one out....

....and by this time I was hooked.

I don't have a lot of spare time, between my family, my hens, my dogs and my job but what time I do have, I'm almost always drawing or something.

I was then asked by a neighbour to paint a special Liverpool scene for their nephew's 'special' birthday (40 I think!) but I had only 2 weeks from request to delivery! Aaaarrrrghhh...!

Cost a lot to frame as the Bockingford landscape pad  I used was not a standard frame size but my neighbours were ecstatic with it so all was well.

But I thought that acrylics would possibly give a different result so in the next couple of weeks I did this one.....

Somebody on my Facebook page immediately asked to buy it but has yet to pick it up.

In the next weeks, my imagination was piqued every time I saw a photo of my city - I wanted to paint them all! It's amazing how the same view is transformed indefatigueably by light conditions!   

I was also, during this time, experimenting with coloured pencils, a medium I'd not really used since school, once again thinking I was no good with them, but I discovered the amazing world of Prismacolour and Polychromo coloured pencils - an entirely different animal to school or Crayola! Not that Crayola aren't good for what they cost - they are indeed but it's worth spending out on the better quality pencils.

I love big cats and have drawn a couple in the past but not in coloured pencils, so I had a go with my new 'posh' ones....

...and on a lighter note you will have already seen my 'Chicken Chronicles' but here they are again!

I want to do some of my own hens, when I get a minute, but at present, it's dark by the time I sit down in peace!  I will do it though!

Going back to my Liverpool theme, most people will be familiar with the Liver Birds. They are a great favourite with me - right up there with dragons!

These are my main Liver Birds - working on others and have also painted the last one in acrylics on canvas.

I did do a watercolour one on card but it was more of an experiment and not sure I pulled it off that time.

I have some super photos I've taken of Liverpool so have many more possibilities for paintings and multi-media work - just need some time now ;) !


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