Saturday, 10 October 2015

I've been a little shocked today.
I came back over to update and to perhaps add a few bits and whilst I was here thought I'd have a look-see at the blog-challenges to see if I fancied joining in one.

Most of them are gone! :O

This was a thriving challenge site not so long ago and unless there are a pile of new ones I know nothing about, certainly most of the ones in my side-bar (now removed) have gone.

So what do peeps now do for challenges?

The couple that have, possibly, survived are now 'invitation only'...? What's that all about?

Oh well, nowt I can do about that now - if anyone knows where to find any new ones - please just leave a reply in 'comments'.!

Here are a couple of recent bits that I didn't get time for yesterday.
                                          Elf on a Toadstool

Liver Bird 3

Sleep-over at Nanny's

Modern Dance

 Cherry Blossom Girl (digitally painted)

 Watercolour Peel Harbour

 Gaynor Greaves' card made with my Eiglas House #1

 A Very Special Christmas Card.

 A Vintage Wedding card

 Birthday card

Christmas Card

Christmas Card made entirely from Freebies! :D

Birthday Card

Sadly -four Bereavement cards

My Eiglas 'Mermaid with a Shell Mirror' rendered in Copics

Same Mermaid With Shell Mirror, rendered in Prisma and Polychromo pencils.

As and when I make images I will endeavour to upload them, time allowing.

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