Saturday, 4 January 2014

Challenge 01/14 Have you Got.....? Crafty - White on White

One of my favourite themes is white on white. It always looks classy and lends itself to a shabby chic feel so I've chosen it for our first theme of 2014.

'Have You Got...? Crafty' is my crafty group on Facebook. It's not a selling group but one where you can request or ask for an item or source stash and one of the things asked for in 2013 was 'MOJO!'  So, the best thing for mojo, as we all know, is a challenge.

Here's my demo card for it.

I've used this style many times in the past but I think I've been heavily influenced by a very talented card maker by the name of Inger for this one!  I can no longer find her blog (it was bookmarked in my pc that blew up!) because I can't remember her surname but I remember her style as being very beautiful, feminine and chic.   If I manage to find her again I'll link her up.

There is a small prize for the winner of my little challenge and if anyone would like to join in on here - please feel free!

Ei x

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