Friday, 2 November 2012

Ada's Yellow Moon Projects

My Ada has started school!  So I don't get to see her nearly enough any more.....  This makes me so sad.....  But when she does come to see me like she did on Monday, we..........CRAFT!  Ada love to make cards and this week she has some super Yellow Moon products to play with again. 

These products are super to use - such fun things as foam flowers and owls and this week - glittery cup-cakes!  The basic card pack is a wonderful rainbow of colours and although it's light enough for Ada to cut happily with scissors, it's also strong enough to stand up happily as a base card. I'm just really sorry i didn't get any photos of her working - my camera charger was mislaid so I couldn't get it to work until after she'd gone home.

Ada's other Nanna, Nanny Carron, had a birthday this week so Ada made her a lovely card with cupcakes on...

The only thing I did for her was cut the silver card for mounting the DP as although she uses scissors like a professional, I don't let her use a craft knife yet..!  Soon though, soon...!

You may well be forming the opinion that Ada's favourite colour for cards is ...RED...and you'd be correct!  She ALWAYS dives for the red card first from the fabulous rainbow pack provided by Yellow Moon.  

This week there were papers there too, so she could make a matching inner and the lovely silver mirri card we used for the mount too!

The cupcakes are self-adhesive foam and come in a multitude of colours in a generous bag.

Not content with making this lovely card for her Nanny Carron, Ada decided, in the same sitting, to make another card, for her new cousin Amelia.

Now, how many of us adults get around to making two cards in two hours...?  I know some of us are very prolific but I also know that some of my pals struggle to make two cards in a week!  Ada made both of these cards from scratch, scoring and folding the base card too, in two hours!

Just wait until she learns to write - there'll be no stopping her!

All items used in both of these cards, with the exception of the patterned papers, are Baker Ross brand from  the lovely peeps at Yellow Moon where you will find a huge selection of wonderful stash for a very reasonable cost!

I hope Ada will be back on Sunday to make some more projects with the rest of her Yellow Moon stash - there's a lovely baby mobile for her to make and some fab rockets too, so please pop back again and see what a four year old can make!

Hugs Ei x

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