Monday, 9 April 2012

Post Easter-Egg Challenge!

This is a challenge I've posted over on my home site of Trimcraft, so I thought I'd bring it over here too!

Okay - I know it's too late for Easter cards - my challenge is a bit different!

Let me see what you can make with the PACKAGING from your Easter Egg!

I'll have to cheat a bit 'cos mine, as you can see, was only wrapped in cellophane so I'll steal one of the kids' boxes and join in (I would never ask a Trimmie/Bloggie to do something I'm not prepared to do myself...!)

My Ada will pick the winner and there'll be a prize of a fab book on 'Paper Tole' and '3D decoupage Kit' both of which were gifts from very kind thoughtful family members but not to my particular taste!
Here's a pic of the prize!

The challenge closes in two weeks time - midnight 22nd April 2012 so you have plenty of time!

Here's mine, which was nearly sabotaged by a chocolate obsessed Lolli who decided the packaging was edible!

To give you a clue, the next challenge I put up (not including the Sketch Challenge) will be a 3D DECOUPAGE challenge, so gird your loins ladies...! This prize would come in very handy for that, wouldn't it?!

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  1. Ooo What A fabby Idea Hunny.... Cant join in though as I didnt get an egg.. and the ones we got the grandkids where only wrapped in cellophane too.. OOps Never mind hun!!


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