Sunday, 11 March 2012

Yellow Moon

I have an exciting new venture to share with you and our younger crafters this week!

I've been asked by a craft supplies company called Yellow Moon, to try out and review their quality craft supplies and, as a lickle bonus, we're having a 'Junior Crafters' corner too!

My gorgeous Ganddaughter, Ada, is not quite four years of age and she LOVES to craft so, I thought, let's encourage all the other littlies out there to get crafting! If my Ada can do it (and has been crafting since she was about two)  then there's no reason why others can't.

Ada uses scissors - proper ones, not the blunt ones usually earmarked for kiddies - she stamps and embosses (well, I do the heating up for her) and she sticks her own elements onto the cards she makes.
She's not four until next month, but already she's drawing recognizably human figures complete with fingers and teeth and as she's no prodigy, I imagine there are other three/four year olds out there who would also thrive on crafting, if they were allowed access to mummy's stash!

There's a stamping tutorial on my other site (  that Ada did when she was only two, if you'd like to see it. It just shows that even very young children CAN do quite complex things, if shown how.

Yellow Moon have kindly allowed Ada to showcase their products, which are great quality and amazingly simple to use.

Here's Ada's slideshow.  You can see quite clearly that she does everything on the card, other than cutting out the small pink heart (I did that for her) and I have to say that I think her card is actually better than mine!

Now for mine. I've opted to do my very first live video! LOL!  What a mess! But I'll swallow my embarrassment and persevere until I get the knack of it!

Materials (all available from Yellow Moon):-
A6 cards x 2
A4 green card x1
Self-adhesive owl x 1
Self-adhesive flowers x abt. 10
Sheet of glitter-foam letters
Self-adhesive acrylic stars x abt 12
Chenille pipe-cleaner x 1
Glue-tape or glue-dots or ds tape
DS foam tape or 3d foam squares

Here's the video...don't dare laugh...! ( You need to view all clips - it's apparently too long for one.)

I don't know what's going on with Blogger, but it won't at present, let me show the rest of this video.
I'm working on it....!

Here's the 'stash' the lovely ladies at Yellow Moon sent me:-

Fab, isn't it?   Hopefully we'll be doing this fairly regularly and I'll soon get the hang of the videos...! LOL!

There's actually a 20% discount being offered over there at the moment too, so pop over and have a look!


  1. looks like Ada is having a great time - I am sure you are too! Cheers Claire x

  2. Looks like you two had great fun. Loved the showcases ... and especially liked hearing your voice ;-)

  3. I've just looked at the link and for some reason, half of the video id=s missing from photobucket - don't know how that happened! Will try to upload again.


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