Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Christening Day

I don't normally put family events on here - it's primarily a crafting blog - but I just thought I'd put on one or two photos to show the happy, wonderful chaos of the day!

Ada was beautiful - as always - not that you're going to see that because she was also in a somewhat mischievous mood and was not allowing any sensible pap!

See what I mean....?
                                     ....and there are loads more similarly messed up....!

and best of all......

Everyone else was fine but Ada chooses the second the shutter drops to slide out of her Daddy's grasp....! 

But at least Toby was on his best behaviour....!

...despite the fact he was absolutely exhausted, he smiled and laughed all day.
                                      He is such a little star!

It was a really lovely day - all the family had a wonderful time and the service was super - Michelle the vicar, was so welcoming and superb with the little ones, even enlisting Ada to help pour the water into the font.

I'm really hoping that other family members may have some better shots, but somehow, with the antics of Miss Bernhardt, I doubt it! LOL!
See you soon with some proper crafting!

1 comment:

  1. Ada clearly has an affinity with the camera! OR maybe not, lol

    Looks like a great day though

    Lin xx


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