Tuesday, 28 June 2011

My latest digistamp - Morgan Le Fay

I love the Arthurian legends and have read a good few books on the subject so when I was wanting a new genre to draw images for, this popped into my head! 

Morgan Le Fay, so the legend goes, was the daughter of Uther Pendragon and he was also the father of Arthur, although Arthur was unaware of their siblingship as Uther had come to his mother under a 'glamour', she believing him to be her husband Gorlois.

There are then differing views on what and how Morgan was by the time Arthur met her but I believe that as Christianity was still the 'new' religion and paganism of the time had festivals at which it was ritual for the reigning 'goddess' priestess to unite with the representative of the 'god' at a set time  in order to assure fertility in the land, that Morgan and Arthur were these in roles.

Arthur was Christian enough to have run a mile had he known it was his sister but to the Pagans and Druids, at this special time of the calendar, Arthur and Morgan were no longer their earthbound characters but assumed the guise of the god and goddess, so no harm was done in their eyes. Indeed any child of this union was considered a great gift and blessed and was usually given to the preistesses at their dwelling to raise as another Priestess or Druid.

Anyway, enough of the historical literature lesson! LOL!
Here she is!

If you like her, she's available on my showroom site Eiglassing or you can just e-mail me and I'll either send her on to you or give you a download code.

Hope you like her!

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  1. Beauitful job with all the wonderful folds. Love the colors. Thanks for joining us at Color Me Creative Classroom Challenge. I love seeing all your creations. Good luck on the challenge.
    Hugs, Pat

  2. Ei, I just opened up the image to get a better look and I glad I did! So much gorgeous detail that is not showing up on your smaller image here. All those lovely dimensional touches and boy is she ever beautifully coloured.


    Wish I had even half your talent for drawing.

    Lin xx

  3. beautiful Ei, would love the stamp, hugs Chris xx

  4. this is so lovely Eiglas! gorgeous coloring too!
    I love that you shared the story, I haven't heard the Morgan Le Fay name in quite awhile, since the kiddos last read the Arthurian stories!
    hugs & blessings

  5. Uhooi,
    Wow, this works very nice, creative and amazing,,


  6. Wow! wonderful job on the image, Love the shading of the creases in her dress:-)Thank you for joining us at Color Me Creative

  7. Very pretty and beautiful job coloring the curtains. Thanks for playing with us at the CMC Copic Challenge.


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