Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Letraset Colouring Competition

As you will know, I'm a Copics gal, but only because I found them first - I've never used Pro-Markers so I really don't know how they perform.

I'm hoping to correct this at some point by performing a 'taste test' with PM's but as I don't have any, this may take a while! LOL!  

However, in the meantime, Letraset have just posted a colouring competition with a set of ProMarkers as the prize - guess who just entered.....?! 

No doubt there will be hundreds or even thousands of entries of a very high standard, so don't hold yer breath....! 

But why not have a go yourselves!  I've given you a tutorial so try it out!

There are two images, a Classic Ford Capri sports car and a rollerboot,  and you can enter each image once, so that's two entries.

Here's my Capri.

I really enjoyed this as an exercise, if nothing else so do have a go!


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