Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year Folks!

Well, it's here! 2011.  And I hope it's a sight better than 2010!

I'm not going to moan about the rotten bug I've had 'cos everyone seems to have had something like it and it'll be gone soon enough - hopefully!

Bev's decided to stay working until the end of January (...provided the baby stays where he is that is...I'm not so sure she'll go that long...!) so I still have Ada until then and afterwards, the new baby, Tobias, too, although Bev's maternity leave should give me a well-deserved (...and much needed...) break!

I'll then have about eight months almost to myself and hope to get some writing done and perhaps jam a course in!

Something tells me it's not going to be that simple......

I didn't get many Christmas cards made this year due to lack of time but since New Year (...two days yet...!) I've been making some jewellery and repairing some broken brooches.

I have a Malachite and silver ring I bought last year but didn't have anything to go with it so when I saw these Malachite tiger's eye beads I snapped them up and then, coincidentally, found a necklace in a car-boot sale with beads that looked very like the other stone on the ring - Adventurine - so having a few days to myself between Christmas & New Year, put them together with some silver findings I had in my box including the Tibetan Silver bales and spacers. The ear-wires ans findings are all Sterling Silver.

This is the entire set I made. There's a necklace, two removable and therefore switchable pendants, a bracelet, and two pairs of earrings - a bigger pair for the necklace and a smaller, simpler pair for the chain & pendant.

I'm very pleased with it as it has a sort of antique, almost Baroque type feel to it.

Pendant 1

Pendant 2

Earrings 1

Earrings 2


I've attached the two pendants to silver lobster-claws so they can be attached to the necklace as enhancers or to the bracelet or to the silver chain or the necklace and bracelet can be worn with either or none or a different silver charm if preferred.

Another set I made was this simple silver and blue/white/crystal stone set.



The bale I've used on the pendant is the type which can be used on ribbon or a thong and also the on-trend snake chains currently used on Pandora jewellery.

The photos are giving the metal a bit of a gilded look which isn't there - electric light I'm afraid! All the findings and metal in my jewellery are sterling silver unless otherwise stated, such as the Tibetan Silver bales and the spacers on the Baroque set.

I made this set for my lovely Sister-in-Law Barbara who I don't see enough of but hope she will like this set, made especially for her.

I'm hoping to get back to my places on Crafty CardMakers and my new appointment at Top Tip Tuesday in the next week or so and you've no idea how much I am looking forward to it too!

My crafting has taken, not so much of a back seat as not actually been on the bus at all in the last few weeks!  Puppies don't allow you to ignore them for too long - and neither do grandchildren!  I BOUGHT Christmas cards for God's sake....! (...please don't tell anyone - I'll never live it down...!) 

Fortunately, I had a handful made which went to VERY special people, so if you got one, count yourself very special indeedy!

Hope you like them!


  1. Happy New year! and pleased to meet you!
    hugs Samantha :0)

  2. Hi,Looking forward to crafting with you on the Top Tip Tuesday team.Happy New Year to you.
    xx Vee

  3. eeeek ei, sounds like you will have a busy time ahead of you, jewelleray is gorgeous, i have some handmade jewellary and i would love to attempt it but i have enough trouble keeping stock of what i already have so cant possibly risk another addiction, i bought some stuff with the idea of dismantling and creating my own, guess what didnt get round to it oooops
    looking forward to your tales of puppy traing the the grandchild stories
    lol tracy xxx

  4. oh wow hun these are just amazing,just adore them they really are stunning hun,love that kind of jewellery,just wanted to say happy new year hun,and look forward too poping over more often,take care hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

  5. Glad your joining us at Top Tip Tuesday- your jewelery is just beautiful!
    Happy New Year sweetie

  6. Beautiful Jewelry. It sounds like you have your hands a bit full right now. Enjoy that time between when it happens - I look forward to working with you on the TTT team.

  7. Hellooooo!
    My gosh, your jewellery is absolutely stunning!!! If you ever feel the need to make any purple jewellery...I love purple :o)
    I can't wait to start working with you at Top Tip Tuesday - its going to be fabulous!
    Leanne xx

  8. Wow, for someone with limited time to spend you do some amazing things. Is there no end to your talents? Gorgeous jewelry. Hope your holidays were half as much fun as you are! Glad to see you back posting, I've missed you. hugs, the other ei

  9. Hi Ei, Happy New Year, wishing you all the best for 2011, How are those gorgeous pups??
    your jewellery is beautiful.
    Kevin xx

  10. Great to have you back and true to form...fab jewellery - really lovely! Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2011 - I can feel it's going to be a great one! Cheers Claire x

  11. Thank you all for your lovely comments - I do so appreciate them!
    I'm really looking forward to getting back into my place at Crafty Cardmakers and especially to my new role at Top Tip Tuesday, which I've been following since its inception.
    Take care and please keep popping in, now I'm back in the stirrups!

  12. Happy New Year to you Ei, your jewellery is gorgeous!

    Love, rose xx


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