Friday, 26 November 2010

Signing off for a while.......

Well folks, the inevitable finally happened!  I've totally run out of steam.  I don't mean mojo, or the desire to craft, but the energy to fit it into my life just at the moment.

I knew I was in for a busy period but thought I'd manage a bit longer but as well as the full time care of my adorable (...but very energetic..!) little Granddaughter, Ada, my new(-ish..) canine companion Charlie and the prospect of Christmas on the near horizon and NOTHING at all done towards it I also have my daughter Bev's impending new motherhood in the New Year as well as the usual day to day commitments. Add, then, to this scenario, a litter of six puppies (...Izzy's the mum and Charlie the dad...) which I suddenly had to take respopnsibility for ten days ago (...little poo-machines they are...!) one of which I am keeping (!) and you start to get the picture.....!

This is actually history repeating itself as thirty-four years ago when my eldest son Matt was about 18 months old and I was expecting my second som Michael, my Afghan Hound bitch Kerry had her litter. My Hubby, Nic, was away at sea then, so I was completely alone on this journey, morning-sickness included, and then my queen cat, Blackie, decided to join in and deliver six kittens!

I managed fine then, but I was only 26 years old and relatively fit!  I am now quite a bit older and not at all fit! LOL!

So I'm not saying goodbye, just see ya later - probably closer to Christmas.
Thank you for all your support and I look forward to getting back into the saddle when I get a minute to myself again!


  1. Wow you are going to be busy Ei! I thought I was bad with 4 DTs my job, Christmas and now 2 new pups. Hope you come back refreshed some time in the New Year.

    Kat xx

  2. Hate to see you go, even for a while but we'll be here when you get back. My head is spinning just trying to figure out how to juggle half of what you have going on. You'll be missed and we'll be thinking of you. Wish I lived next door so I could help out. Till then, hugs, the other ei

  3. hi ei
    ta ta for now hun,will see you when you return ,enjoy your family and don't work too hard
    take extra special care
    tracey x

  4. Take care of Yourself Ei...I know thats the first thing we all forget. We will all be here and looking forward to your return! Cheers Claire x


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