Sunday, 27 June 2010

New DT for Me ( well as C.R.A.F.T....!)!

Got back from our Scottish holiday (...more about that later...) to a lovely surprise!
I've been invited to join the DT of Crafty Cardmakers! How nice is that?

Don't know a huge amount about them and as they're changing their format, it really doesn't matter that much but I do know there is a bunch of very nice but totally whacky women over there and I like whacky very much! LOL! Apparently they also have a 'resident loon', Judie, whom I was warned about from the outset and wasn't put off by! On the contrary, any panel admitting to a 'resident Loon' in the ranks is a must!

Haven't got any instructions yet but am in continuous contact with Vixykins so should know soon!

Now I just have to find my was here somewhere...I'm sure I packed it up in Scotland.... oh, I do hope I've not left it up there....not in my art bag...suitcase is empty....handbag? No.....
.... where's that cool bag? Yeah, it has to be in the cool-bag, doesn't it..........


  1. Congratulations Ei, on your new DT post, oh boy now they have two "Loons" on the DT, that should be fun, lol. You will be a great asset to them Ei, your work is always 1st class and I look forward to seeing your lovely creations over there.
    Suzi x

  2. Congratulations on you new DT position.

  3. Congratulations! I have your mojo safetly stored in a jar in Largs(will post it back with the thank you cards) - it was great to meet up with you and of course you and Nick are flavour of the month....water pistols - looney or what! Cheers Claire x

  4. Hi ya

    Loonie Judie checking in to say BIG HUGS and welcome to the loonie team lol - see we have two loons on the team now then eh ??

    Looking forward to working with ya hun

    Judie xx

  5. Congrats on your new DT position!

  6. Make that three loonies. After all I am the 'cracked' one, as my blog header implies.

    I have a feeling I am gonna fit right in at CCM. Looking forward to working with you Ei. BTW fantastic name, where does it come from?

    Lin x


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