Friday, 24 April 2015

April already....!

I cannot believe how fast this year is disappearing! Far too quickly for my liking - I can tell you!

Not crafted much at all this year due to new job but I have done a few Pet Portraits for friends.

The first one is Buster who belonged to a friend of a friend and is much missed, so my friend asked me to draw him for her friend.

This is my dog Kerry from about 40 years ago. She was, as you can see, and Afghan and very beautiful but she was also the sweetest natured dog I ever knew. I still miss her

I did a coloured version of her too.

Then there is Joe, one of the sweetest Staffies on the planet. I drew him for his Mummy - my friend Gail, when he passed away.

 This is a mad little Yorkie I know, also called Buster. He's a mad as a box of frogs and soooo cute!

This is my 'Cocky Lochie'...! Since rescuing my hens, my house is slowly looking like a branch of the Chicken Shop!  There are pictures and ornaments all over the place with chickens on them! This one is now in a frame on my kitchen wall.

'Rooster Cockburn' is next!  Also in a frame....

and last but not least, my brother Brian's dog Olly who is 14 years old at least - Bri rescued him when he lived in Spain.

I have more but can't find them just now and I have to go get ready for work (yet again!)

See y'all soon!
Hugs Ei x


  1. They are all lovely Eileen, the Yorkie is so funny!

    1. ...awww...thank you Cazzy - very kind of you! :D Yes - Buster is a character! ;)
      Hugs Ei x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Anesha - that is so lovely of you to say!
      I've always drawn and sketched so it's just going back to my roots really.
      Hugs Ei x
      ps there is a page with more on but it doesn't appear to be showing in the tabs at the top.


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