Friday, 28 March 2014

Left Of Centre Challenge 28 - Ribbons and Flowers

At LOC, we like to try different things and although we aim for the quirky and sometimes downright dark, it's not all dark and macabre, we also have our 'normal' theme running alongside of the  slightly off-centre!

This week it's Ribbons and Flowers - and you can use your own mojo as to how dark, light, macabre or cutesy you want it to be!

This week, I happened to have been given, by a friend, a little wooden blank in the shape of a hollow heart so I decided to make it into a picture frame.

The blank was a pale cream originally, so I painted it with Tim Holtz Distress Crackle paint Old Paper) and because the base was quite non-absorbent, I lacquered over with a matte lacquer to hold the crackles in place and help it not flake too much.

I then dabbed very sparingly with Forest Moss Distress Stain and dabbed it back off again so it just went into some of the cracks.

I used TH Paint dabber in Lettuce, once again very sparingly and dabbed it off again leaving it thicker in some places. I then left the frame to dry whilst I stamped  my Honeycomb and Carpenter Bee (both Eiglas Polymer Stamps) onto a scrap of canvas.

Once again, I used a TH product - Distress Inkpad in Wild Honey (appropriate, wouldn't you say? LOL!)

I touched the image up with my Copic Sketch, also in Honey (Y38) and one of my Tria Fineliners in R934 ( I think - it's a VERY small number on the cap!)
and touched up the wings with Stickles Ice Diamonds.

I edged the heart-shape with a mix of Copics and pencils in different greens and used a Honey coloured pencil to lightly surround the body of the bee.

Once I'd stuck this to the frame, from the back and finished off the back with a nice scrap of cream pearlescent card cut to shape (keeping the holes in the card where the holes in the frame are) I used my Eiglas Honeycomb stamp with the Wild Honey again and dabbed small areas of the frame lightly with it.

A few finger-dabs of the Stickles on the frame here and there pick up the sparkle from the bee's wings 

Samaflora created the beautiful little daisies - you really do need to pop over to their page - the flowers are perfect and so beautifully made.

A ribbon, a thread and a small heart-shaped amber pendant finishes it off.

I hope you enjoy this project - it was fun and show not all LOC entries have to be dark! ;)

Please do pop over to the blog and have a look at my team-mates projects - they're all talented ladies and have made some interesting projects.

Ei x


  1. This is really pretty! The colours are lovely and the bee is so detailed and realistic. Gorgeous flowers and finishing embellishments.

    <3 & hugs
    Lisa xxxx

    1. Thank you so much Lisa - very kind of you to leave such a lovely comment!
      Ei x

  2. I love this wall hanging you've created. You've altered the heart frame wonderfully and that carpenter bee is awesome!

    1. Thank you so much Steph - very kind of you to leave such a lovely comment! :D
      I love bees and want to do some more when I get time.
      Ei x


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