Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My Toby is now Three...!

I can't believe he's three already! My baby grandson is no longer a baby but a proper little boy!   

I never like it when my babies grow up - I love them as babies so much but I have to say, Toby is THE most engaging little chap that I am really enjoying his growing too - an he IS a REAL boy - if you know what I mean...! LOL! 
Totally obsessed with his widgie!  It's very hard to do the necessary correcting when you're stifling giggles...!

He told his granddad he had a sore tummy.  Granddad gently touched his tummy. 'There?' asked granddad.
'No, ' says a glum Toby 'lower down Granddad.'
'Here then?' asks granddad, gently touching his belly-button area.
'No, ' says Toby, big luminous eyes solemnly looking at granddad, 'lower down.'
So granddad obliges and then realizes 'Toby, that's your widgie!'
Explosive giggles 'I know!!! hehehehe....!'

What do you do with such a monkey!

I've been so poorly this past ten days, I thought Toby would end up with a bought card (not that he'd be bothered! LOL!) but managed to dredge on up out of my pain-wracked being.....

Toby loves Mike the Knight and I did him one of that genre last year, so I thought I'd move it on a notch this year and do a real knight theme.

So I started by drawing a digi.  It's just called 'Fighting Knights' at the mo as I've not had time to think up anything more imaginative!

I've coloured it with my usual Copic Sketch Markers on Rymans Coated white 200gsm card.
I'm quite pleased with it, in the end, and finally got to use my Shield and Banner Spellbinders.

Happy Third Birthday Toby!



  1. Eiglass I can't imagine him being 3, I still use his digi when I make any baby cards I made three atc the other day with him, and I did one in Pink and 1 in blue and a coloured baby, I made them for a new
    beginnings swap, everyone liked them I always
    mention your name and it is also on the digi, I love the card you made for him and I suppose he did too, how about a digi now he is three, Knowing you love I bet he had a splendid birthday.
    Love Shirley.x x x x x x

    1. Shirley, I am so chuffed you are still using my baby digi three years later! That really gives me a buzz - it tells me that you enjoy using him and that give me great pleasure!
      I think a new digi of Toby is overdue - His last one was 'Bok Bok' when he was about 18 months I think. I don't know if you saw the fairy digi I did of him - 'Fimby Fairy'?
      To be honest, he was so entrhalled with the robo-fish we bought him, the card didn't get a look in! LOL! But his Mum will put it in his memory-box for when he's older.
      Ei x

  2. what a fabulous card for any little boy I'm sure he loved his card. Hope you are feeling better soon

  3. Thank you so much Scrappy - glad you like his card! :D
    And thank you for your get well wishes too. This bug is really hanging on but it's slowly getting better - thank you!
    Ei x


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