Wednesday, 4 December 2013

'Twas the month before Christmas.....!

....and it's still manic! LOL!
...Well, I didn't really expect anything else...!

I've been making cards (not enough!) and wrapping pressies (not enough!) and putting up deccies (far too many!) and been meeting myself coming back again!

Fortunately, OH has had a few days off so has helped...a little...... ;)

This card is for a cyber-pal in Canada, Po-Lee and her little dog Rambo-Pepper!  He's a special little boy and Po-Lee keeps us all entertained with his adventures!

To go with the card, I also made Po-Lee a little present - a Christmas-tree ornament featuring her fluff-kid Rambo-Pepper!

This next one, I have made for a lovely friend, Carole, who has had a bit of a rough ride recently, health-wise and like everyone else under this government - financially too.  I hope things get better for her after her upcoming op.

Another pal in Canada, Jeanette was my best pal at infants and junior school. For her floral and lacy just won't do so I drew her a quirky cartoon of the two of us and made a card with it!

I've sent loads of others out I haven't had time to photo but I guess I'll be doing more soon!

I also have done a few digis for peeps wanting 'specials'.  
One friend wanted a 'Lego' city card for her grandson so I drew this for her

and another friend wanted this.....

and yet another , this.....

I had a few others to do too and have two awaiting a spare minute!

If I had more time, I'd do a tut on making the ornament and I shall, when I get a few minutes.

Hugs for now!
Ei x

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