Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My SIL Marg's birthday card

My SIL Marg is another crafter and looks forward to my cards but she's going to have to wait for this one after the week I've just had...! At least I gave her her present when I saw her last week!

She's a big fan of Deco and my home forum of Trimcraft has a challenge on this month for acetate to be used so I combined the two.

Sorry about the pic - the acetate didn't like the flash at all! Neither did the greeting or the foiled backing card!

The verse is my own but feel free to use it if it fits your sister!
I would normally have a few pics but really didn't have any wherewithall left at the end of this card - anything that could go wrong - did!

Still, it's finished and she may actually get it....some day!

Ei x


  1. Wow stunning card Ei, I like the elegant image and the fabulous colours.
    Kevin xx

    1. Awww..Kevin, how kind of you! Your lovely comment is much appreciated Hunni.
      Thank you again for visiting my blog!


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