Sunday, 17 July 2011

Two bereavement cards

Sadly, my son's girlfriend lost her Mum last week-end.  Bereavement is always sad but Jenny only lost her brother last year and  that's a lot of bereavement for a young woman of only twenty-four.

She's a lovely, kind lass who would do anything for anyone and has been the mainstay of her own family since she was very young.

I hope fate lets up on her now and leaves her in peace for a while.


Having made such a pig's ear  of last week's CCM challenge, I thought I'd try another OLO card, so here it is.

and my second one has one or two extra layers.....

The stamps used on both cards are my own Eiglas stamps (one clear - Briar-Rose and one digi - Freesia) and coloured with Marvy permanent and Copic markers.

Base cardstock is Stardream pale pink pearlescent.

The verse, 'Memories Are Precious' is my own too.

Hope you like them.


  1. Two lovely cards. So sorry for your her loss. Life can be really tough at times.


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