Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas Cheer!

Well we had a lovely Christmas Day (allowing for the fact that both Mr Eiglas and I were not, and are still not, well) and all the family arrived at one point or another. It was a particular success on the present front with none of the presents being either duplicate or lame!
We have an understanding in our family. We each have a Christmas list featuring everything from a chocolate bar to a Porche so all coveted items are listed but no price-range and no indications are there so the surprise isn't spoilt.
The baby, Ada, was amazingly well-behaved and enjoyed herself thoroughly, ripping open mountains of prezzies and holding court with a motley collection of adoring adults.
Ada loves Pluto

...and with Dolly's feeding stuff.....

....and opening more prezzies!

The Eiglas Clan!

Our beautiful daughter Bev cooked dinner, with the assistance of the lovely Antony, and it was really, really delicious! A total triumph! Bev's only 25, not particularly domesticated and has never cooked Christmas dinner before. In fact, she rarely cooks at all, having a good cook in Antony to hand. But it was lovely!

She did Turkey, Lamb, roast parsnips, carrots and two different roast potatoes, carrot& swede, sprouts with pancetta and the creamiest mashed potato I have ever tasted!
Two different gravies, pigs in blankets and two different stuffings completed the main course. Starters was brown toast with two different pates and afters were provided by our number two son Michael and his girlfriend Raechel who brought all home-made produce - carrot cake, yule log and berry jelly (which was made form scratch, not Rowntrees) and they were all gorgeous but my fave was the jelly - very juicy and thirst-quenching on my sore throat!

I really hope you had as good a time as we did. It was only family and it was quiet - no partying or fighting - just the way we like it!



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  1. Sounds perfect and delicious Ei, but poor you and Mr Ei being under the weather. I hope you're both feeling better now.
    We had a very similar Christmas. Good food, good company and very relaxing, just the way we like it too. You're photos are lovely.
    I hope you all have a very Happy New Year.



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